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It is time to shine!

15 OCTOBER 2020

Discover a new bioten Hyaluronic Gold skin care line which makes you look great every day. Your mature years of life will become the best years of your life. Let the energy and vitality you feel now be reflected on your skin as well.

The new bioten revitalizing anti-wrinkle line, with 30 million capsules of hyaluronic acid and golden proteins, was created with the power of a triple effect: it reduces the number of wrinkles, restores skin volume and gives a radiant complexion.

The exclusive bioten Hyaluronic Gold line has a special innovative formula created with more than 85% ingredients of natural origin, intended for filling wrinkles, redefining facial contours and revitalizing the skin.

This line consists of bioten Hyaluronic Gold day cream, night cream and face serum. Show some love for your skin and be among 72% of satisfied women who have noticed a significant improvement in facial skin after just a month of using these products.

Your age becomes just a number with the radiant and rejuvenated skin feel that the bioten Hyaluronic Gold line gives you. It’s time to shine and enjoy in the best period of your life and your skin.



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World Environment Day: Sarantis Group and its contribution to a sustainable future

Athens, June 4th 2021 World Environment Day is a day of celebration dedicated to the environment’s protection, encouraging efforts that will lead to a green future. Τhis day, set by the United Nations, is celebrated annually on June 5th and encourages awareness and action towards environmental sensitive issues at national, corporate and personal level.
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